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Flint Town United

Connect with your local community. By doing what you do best

Here’s the most impactful way to showcase your business. By using your expertise to create something unique for the Flint Town United community. This isn’t your standard partnership page. We’re not going to present you with a selection of packages to choose from.
Instead, we’re inviting you to do things differently. So you can connect with a new audience, whilst showcasing the best of your business.

This is better than brand awareness

This isn’t just brand awareness. It’s about creating a brand experience.
Your brand experience is what creates a loyal customer base. When a new audience experiences your brand, they’re creating a memory. A memory that’ll stick with them long after the day is over.
That’s what keeps them coming back for more.
You’ll be able to build a true connection between your brand and your new audience. They’ll be able to sample your products. Taste the goodness. Feel the quality. Listen to your staff. And fully experience your brand.
So that your brand becomes memorable. And that new audience, becomes your customers.

You do your thing. We’ll do ours.
Together, we’ll make a big impression

This is a partnership that’s designed to be shaped by you. We’d love to hear your ideas. And we’ll share some of our own too.
There are just two simple criteria to get involved:
  • Your partnership pitch needs to benefit the Flint Town community in some way
  • And it needs to benefit your business (because this is a partnership for both of us)
Let’s celebrate your expertise. And bring them to the forefront of the Flint community.
Here’s how that could look:
  • A local brewery providing a beer tent at our next event
  • A food truck joining us in hospitality for a series of matches
  • A clothing brand teaming up to create some new Flint Town United merchandise

Send in your pitch

We’re used to pitches in our line of work. But, usually, they’re green, grassy and involve a football or two.
Now, we’re ready for something different. We’re ready to hear from you, so we can team up and do something new for this community.
Not sure what to pitch? We’d still love to hear from you. Complete the form and let us know that you’d like to arrange an ideas call. You might be just what we’re looking for!