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Become a Flint Town United


Give back to your community. Whilst going behind the scenes of a Cymru Premier Club

Come down and enjoy the journey that Flint Town United is on
This is an exciting time at Flint Town United. We’re back in the Welsh Premier League and starting a brand new chapter for the club.
Although a lot’s changing, some things are staying exactly the same. Like our role as one of the cornerstones of the community. Flint Town is a place where people come together. To create new bonds of friendship. To celebrate. To commiserate. And to share the journey.
You could be a part of that.

So many people want to see this club succeed. You can help make that happen

For many of us, football is in our blood. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.
And whilst volunteering adds a little something extra to your CV, it goes a long way beyond that. It’s your chance to go behind the scenes and discover what life is like at your local football club.
You’ll get first-hand experience of the incredible football that’s being played right here, on your doorstep.


I enjoyed the atmosphere and the banter

My role within the club is Safety Officer, Head Steward and also the man in the Turnstile on match day! I decided to get more involved as I enjoyed the atmosphere and the banter, and wanted to help the hard-working people at the club.
There were so many good people who wanted to see the club succeed, and I wanted to be part of that and I could see that they wanted and needed help. So, as well as match days, I turn up during the week, and do what I can to keep the club clean and tidy along with the other committee members, all of whom are a great asset to the club
Mike Redshaw


You get a great bond of friendship with your fellow volunteers

You get a great bond of friendship with your fellow volunteers and a shared sense of well being when we win, and despair when we lose! Although, we always try and see the funny side of things, even if it’s dark humour on some occasions.
Flint Town United is one of the cornerstones of the community, and it’s something the town should cherish. And I like to think that, along with my fellow volunteers, I play my small part in keeping it going and also in honouring the legacy of all those great people who came before us and worked hard for the club.
Nigel Sheen

From maintaining the pitch to officiating match days and taking care of the paperwork… There’s a role for you

You’re a volunteer. So we want you to get back what you put in. Whether that’s a reference to bulk up your CV, a new skill set to help with your professional development or a sense of community and new friendships… We’re here to help you do that.
When you apply, we’ll arrange a chat. So we can see what your interests are and how we can help each other.
If needed, you’ll get on the job training to set you up ready for your new role. And you’ll be assigned another volunteer to keep an eye out for you until you’ve settled in.
So, what are you waiting for?


It’s something that’s in the blood

Having grown up in Flint and played football for many years in the area it’s something that’s in the blood. Spending a Saturday afternoon watching your local football team and speaking to many local people, some of who you haven’t seen for years is a great way of passing time.
From the guys who spend many hours ensuring the paperwork side of the club is correct to the lads who maintain the ground and pitch ensuring it is tidy and safe for players, officials and fans to attend on match days… This club would not survive without the volunteers who give up so much of their time for this football club. I applaud every one of them.
Mike Bennett


A neighbour took me with him to watch Flint...

I must have been about nine or ten when I attended my first game when a neighbour, John Griffiths, took me with him to watch Flint. And that started me on the journey to where we are today.
I suppose I must have been involved in one way or another for just over 60 years, as a player, reserve team manager, volunteer, committee member and finally the job of Groundsman. I am just one of a group of people who now help out to maintain the stadium, and who have built on the good work put in from the multitude of names from past years.
Paul Duncan

The team’s ready to welcome you

Give as much, or as little, time as you want