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Can you spare a few hours per week to Volunteer ?

By Nigel Sheen
Like almost every club at our level, we rely hugely on the goodwill of our loyal volunteers who help out behind the scenes to keep the club going.
As we get more successful on the pitch, so the various demands off the pitch grow, So, we are putting out a call to anyone who would like to volunteer to help out with the club. This can take many forms. For instance, we are always on the look out for ball retrievers and stewards on match days. Or, if you can spare time during the week, then you can always come down and join in with the general upkeep and maintenance of the ground. We also currently have a project going on to fit out our newly installed fanzone, and could do with some help towards that.
Please get in touch by email to if you would like to become past of the team of volunteers that is helping propel Flint Town United to the pinnacle of Welsh domestic football. And if you can state what exactly you would like to get involved with, then we will put you in touch with the appropriate person.