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Flint reinstated to Nathaniel MG Cup

By Nigel Sheen
Following a statement issued this afternoon by the FAW’s National League Board, Colwyn Bay have been expelled from the Nathaniel MG Cup following a rule breach, and Flint have subsequently been reinstated. This decision is subject to any successful appeal being made by Colwyn Bay. They have until 4.30pm on Friday 12th August 2022 to lodge an appeal.
The breach concerns Cymru Premier Rule 13 regarding the use of substitutes. It states “If any Club uses four (4) substitutes in any Match, then at least one (1) must be a Youth Substitute (as defined below) and if any Club uses five (5) substitutes in any Match (or six (6) in a Play-Off Match which goes to extra time), then at least two (2) must be Youth Substitutes, except that a Club may at any time replace their goalkeeper with a substitute who is a recognised goalkeeper on either List A or List B instead of using one (1) such Youth Substitute.”

“Clubs may nominate up to five (5) substitutes and up to two (2) additional substitutes (who are aged not more than 19 on 31st August of the applicable season, known as ‘Youth Substitutes’) provided each Youth Substitute is registered for the Club with the FAW and is eligible to participate in Matches in accordance with the FAW Rules and FAW Regulations.”

During last night’s game Colwyn Bay made four substitutes, and it is understood that none of those players coming on met the Youth Substitute criteria as defined in the rule above.