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Lee Fowler’s Post Match thoughts

By Nigel Sheen
“Yesterday’s match was a great learning opportunity for us to see what worked well and what went wrong. There was lots of positive things and also some negatives.
We, as staff, asked lads to do certain things that may not have suited their own strengths, so it’s our responsibility at the end of the day. The players take to the pitch and make decisions but we are ultimately accountable.
Colwyn Bay caught us cold with a clever corner routine for their third goal, and the subs who had been introduced has not been properly briefed to prepare for it, but rest assured lessons have been learnt and we won’t be caught napping like that again.
Colwyn Bay deserved the win and they caused us issues throughout by good play and also because of our own mistakes, by not getting out quick enough and closing down the spaces and their men.
But it’s still very much a learning process for the squad. I didn’t get too carried away when we won our last three matches and so I won’t be disappointed that we lost Saturday’s match. Instead we take learnings into the next game at Skem and look to improve and not make the same mistakes.
We shall remain consistent in our approach and not ride the rollercoaster of emotions.
I’m under no illusions we are still work In progress, but there are lads due in this week, and Danny Harrison is back and lads will be leaving as we finalise our squad and set our focus on our opening game, the league cup match on August 6th. “