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Manager’s Preview of today’s game

By Nigel Sheen
“We look forward to today’s game at Colwyn Bay and again it will be another step up on all areas from the Holywell game. With their resources compared to other teams in Tier 2, the fan base a the club , and the appointment of Evo (Steve Evans) as manager, it all points to a Welsh Premier league outfit in the waiting.
So we shall see what the games brings. Iwan was at their game in midweek was impressed by what he saw, as the Bay started very bright and looked to play football wherever possible.
Up to now, all of the pitches we have played on have been very dry and have affected the standard of play in all three games due to the hot weather we have been experiencing. FAW Chief Executive, Noel Moooney, has recently alluded to the fact that improvements and investment are needed in pitches throughout Wales to make the product better for Welsh football. I can now see what he means. The Prestayn game, I believe, would have been dangerous for both sets of players due to the condition of the pitch, and so it was the correct decision to pull the game.
We continue to go about our business quietly, both on and off the pitch. I’m not one for results in pre season. All you have to do is witness teams, managers and fans having meltdowns after losses, which at the end of the day in the grand scheme of things are meaningless games, results wise. It’s a dangerous precedent to have. So we will only focus on performance and attitude! And the rest, win or lose will be dependent upon these yardsticks.
For those of you who can male it down to the Bay, I hope you enjoy the game
Fowls “